François-Pierre Paty

François-Pierre Paty

I am a research scientist at Ida, a French AI startup. I am also the founder of HSK level, a Chinese learning app.
Prior to that, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at CREST where I developped algorithms for economic models.
I defended my PhD in applied mathematics and machine learning in June 2021, where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Marco Cuturi.


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Research interests

I've been working on algorithmic optimal transport (OT), with applications to machine learning and economics. My work focuses on designing algorithms for OT problems as well as OT tools that are more robust to the curse of dimensionality, to data corruption or noise, so that OT can be efficiently applied to real data problems.

Introduction au transport optimal (en français)

Voici une introduction au transport optimal extraite d'un séminaire de vulgarisation que j'ai donné à destination des doctorants de l'École doctorale Hadamard en mars 2021.


My PhD manuscript can be found here.

Authors Paper Conference Resources
F-P. Paty
P. Choné
F. Kramarz
Algorithms for Weak Optimal Transport with an Application to Economics Preprint 2022 [ArXiv]
F-P. Paty
M. Cuturi
Regularized Optimal Transport is Ground Cost Adversarial ICML 2020 [Proceedings][ArXiv] [Slides] [Video]
F-P. Paty
A. d'Aspremont
M. Cuturi
Regularity as Regularization: Smooth and Strongly Convex Brenier Potentials in Optimal Transport AISTATS 2020
(Notable Paper Award)
[Proceedings][ArXiv] [Slides] [Video]
F-P. Paty
M. Cuturi
Subspace Robust Wasserstein Distances ICML 2019
(Top 20%)
[Proceedings] [ArXiv] [Code] [Poster] [Video]

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